How can i help?

With your donation you can make a difference. For example, a full stomach is a basic requirement for a good performance on the tennis court as well as in school. You donation will help to improve the diet of the children in this project. 


As already mentioned on the website, eduaction is as important as tennis training. Your donation will also be used to improve tutoring and to extend the equipment of the library and the study room


Particularly talented and experienced children, such as Yonas and Meron from the first generation or Sara from the second generation, are given the opportunity to receive a school scholarship. Therefore your donation is essential. 


Another important aspect for which your donation will be used is health eduaction and routinely performed medical examinations. This is linked to costs for extraordinary hospital treatments, which we can also cover with your help.  


To support the project by making a donation, you can use the online donation form or transfer it directly to the account of the Förderverein of the TRC e.V.


Donation account of the Förderverein of the TRC e.V.:


Credit institution: Volksbank Wiesloch

Account holder: Foerderverein TRC e.V.

IBAN: DE57 6729 2200 0027 9363 00


Payment reference: donation TDKET