TDKET - The project

Ethiopia's tennis hopefuls: Addis-based project aimed at improving youth levels in tennis





Year: 2016

Length of video: 2:50 min

TDKET is a non-profit organization operating in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, which uses tennis to introduce children to education and thereby opens up new perspectives in life. The aim of the project is to implement a New Leadership System, which means giving children without prospects important know-how, which the children in turn return to their own country. 


School and sports education are not the only focus of the project. The additional social effects of group work are also considered an important aspect. By joint learning and training different generations together, the children learn so-called soft skills, such as how to interact socially or how to take on responsibility in a group. 


Through donations, the children can be provided with regular meals, which are a basic requirement for performance on the court as well as in school. In addition, these donations also finance textbooks, teacher´s salaries and the urgently needed mediacl aid.


66 children are currently training at a tennis facility consisting of two courts. 


Once a year a visit to the Racket Center Nußloch (Germany) takes place, where the children can experience a completely new world. They train and take part in tournaments in the Rhein-Neckar metropolian region, where they always leave a lasting and positive impression. Once again, a delegation from Germany travelled to Addis Ababa to see what is happening on site. 


The typical daily routine is as follows: 

6 - 8 a.m.: Meeting on the tennis court and training 

8 - 12 a.m.: School

12 - 1.30 p.m.: Lunch

1.30 - 3.30 p.m.: School

From 3.30 p.m.: Training on the two tennis courts

From 6.00 p.m.: End of training - children go home


Sunday afternoon is the only time when no training takes place.